A Contemporary Romance Novel by bestselling romance author Aria Hawthorne


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Okay, it’s true.  I am totally the horniest single girl in all of Chicago for wanting to suck those dimples right off his beautiful, Euro-chiseled face the moment he walks up to my candy counter and says, “Cheers” with his royally posh British accent and deliciously devilish smirk.  #EarlofStudlandia

He’s offering me a one-night stand in his penthouse hotel suite and I’m the kind of habitual hot mess who’s willing to accept it, if I wasn’t already overcommitted.  #MistressofMisbehavin

You see, I’ve been suckered into accepting this crazy second job.  Despite the fact that I’ve never held a respectable, responsible job for more than a month in my life, I’m now the part-time social media director of Boink, my favorite online store selling “intimate accessories” for single girls like me who not only want to have frivolous Sex in the City, but who also don’t want to wait around for Prince Charming to magically swipe right, just so I can experience my nightly Mighty O’s.  #MyPleasureChest #MyFemaleEmpowerment

But there’s just one problem—Boink’s old crotchety chief investor who I’ve never met is determined to force the business into bankruptcy, and the only way I can keep Boink afloat—and my new job as its Director of Cumbacks in play—is if I can convince my newest nemesis, Mr. Kit Crusty Balls, that I can turnaround his failing company faster than its JackRabbits can make me say, Ooh-ooh-ooh-OOH-LA-LA-LAAAAaaaaaaa.

And hopefully, whenever he returns to Chicago, Earl of Studlandia and I will finally have our royally raunchy romp, despite the fact that our impromptu texting affair and unexpected emotional connection might be softening my noncommittal snarky brat heart into the fantasy of something more than just one night of whoreplay.  After all, I’m now the respectable, responsible social media director of Boink.  Maybe it’s time for a sexy international mancandy of mystery to persuade me to find love within my own pleasure chest.  #OnlyFoolsFallinLove #FirstTimeFanGirlofFoolishness